Invasion Science Group The Invasion Science Group provides a network to connect researchers and practitioners both nationally and internationally, who work in the field of invasion science.


Chair: Katie O’Shaughnessy
Deputy Chairs: Emily Strange & Zarah Pattinson
Social media:  Twitter


The Invasion Science Group provides a network to connect researchers and practitioners both nationally and internationally, who work in the field of invasion science. The group will facilitate application of invasion science research, and better targeting of research to meet applied needs, through engaging with policy-makers and organisations tasked with managing invasive species.

Join the Mailing List

To join the mailing list simply send an email to, with your full name, background (i.e. research, management and/or policy) and institution. Alternatively, private message us on our Twitter account: @BESInvasionSci

Join the Committee

Deputy Chair

We have an exciting opportunity available for anyone interested in invasion science and looking to take on a leadership role in the BES Invasion Science SIG. This is a great time to join our committee as we are working towards our aim to provide space for communication and collaboration between researchers, practitioners and policymakers in invasion science.

This role is intended to support the Chair in their role. This role may function through the Chair delegating specific tasks to the Deputy, or through the Deputy assisting the Chair in delivering successful SIG events and Committee Meetings. The person who fills this role should be prepared to act as a substitute in situations where the Chair is unable to attend or be involved, so may include a diverse set of activities and communications. This person would also, generally, act as an ambassador for the SIG outside the BES.

Good communication and organisational skills, as well as novel ways of thinking and working are a must for this role. We are a welcoming and inclusive group that works together using each other’s skills to achieve the aim and objectives of the SIG. We very much look forward to welcoming a new member to the Team!

To Apply

If you are interested in becoming the next Deputy Chair for the Invasion Science SIG, could you please send:

A cover letter detailing your:

  • motivations and commitment to the role,
  • vision for the role and the Invasion Science SIG and
  • any relevant experience

All applications must be sent to by 17:00 (BST), Monday 3 October 2022.

Applications will be passed to SIG committee, who will decide on appointments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you!


  • Exchange knowledge in invasion science across taxonomic groups and ecosystems
  • Increase interactions between research- and management-focused invasion science
  • Support early-career invasion scientists

Meetings & Events

Information about all upcoming events can be found on the Events page.

Committee Members

  • Katie O’Shaughnessy (Chair)
  • Emily Strange (Deputy Chair & Treasurer)
  • Zarah Pattison (Deputy Chair, Twitter rep & Postdoc rep)
  • Victoria Dominguez Almela (Mailing list)
  • Olaf Booy (Policy/Applications rep)
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