Networking Fridays Thematic Special Session on Sargassum 31 Jul 2020 01:00 PM


Continuing with the Networking Fridays Webinar series, on July 31st, 1-3 PM UTC we will have our second 2-hour long Thematic Special Session. This session will be focused on Sargassum and we will have a unique panel of specialists: Cesar Toro (IOCARIBE of IOC-UNESCO), Karima Degia (UWI), Sandra Ketelhake (AtlantOS program), Isabel Sousa Pinto (CIIMAR, GEO MBON), and Leah Mupas Segui (GEO Blue Planet Initiative). The moderator will be Emily Smail (NOAA, GEO Blue Planet Initiative).


1:00 PM UTC – Welcome address, introduction – Emily Smail (moderator)

1:10 PM UTC – Tackling Sargassum in the Caribbean: A policy perspective – Cesar Toro (IOCARIBE of IOC-UNESCO)

1:30 PM UTC – Adapting to a new reality: Managing responses to influxes of sargassum seaweed in the Eastern Caribbean as ecosystem hazards and opportunities (SargAdapt) – Karima Degia (UWI)

1:50 PM UTC – Monitoring and managing impacts of Sargassum together: A basin-scale perspective – Sandra Ketelhake (AtlantOS program) and Isabel Sousa Pinto (CIIMAR, GEO MBON)

2:10 PM UTC – Sharing information on Sargassum: the Sargassum Information Hub – Leah Mupas Segui (GEO Blue Planet Initiative)

2:30 PM UTC – Q&A

2:55 PM UTC – Closing Remarks – Emily Smail

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