CALLS | 4 FEBRUARY 2021 Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowships Programme – Incoming SHARE Facebook

10 PhDs opportunities at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) Barcelona

The ICM looks for candidates for 10 PhDs within the Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowships Programme – Incoming:

  •     Assesing the effects of nature-based solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change and fisheries-induced evolution on marine ecosystems
  •     Deciphering the interactions between the immune and reproduction system in fish
  •     Detecting early warning signals in solar energy to biogas conversion systems
  •     Ecogenomics of Uncultivated Prokaryotic Sentinels of the Arctic Ocean
  •     Interactions between the ecological condition of Mediterranean maërl beds and the flow of services to society
  •     Physical and biogeochemical connections between the Southern and Atlantic Oceans
  •     Population genomics of the ocean microbiome: from local to global-ocean scales
  •     Relationships between rupture zone elastic rock properties and tsunamigenesis of large subduction earthquakes
  •     Tectonics and Seismic Hazard in the Atlantic Collision of Iberia and Africa
  •     Understanding the role of ocean fronts in the evolution of the Earth System

More information about the programme here. Details of positions at INPhINIT online platform.


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