JRC (Ispra, Italy) is looking for an experienced biogeochemical marine ecosystem modeller

Artur Gil <arturgil@gmail.com> vie., 22 de ene. de 2021 a la hora 12:14 p. m.
Responder a: Foro de Medio Ambiente e Investigaciones Marinas <MARINET@listserv.rediris.es>
Para: MARINET@listserv.rediris.es
The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is looking for an experienced biogeochemical
marine ecosystem modeller, capable of continuing and further developing the
existing North Western Shelf Sea setup, using the models
GETM/GOTM/FABM/ERSEM in the frame of the BLUE2 project (EC Contract Agent 2
S/he is supposed to develop and simulate future scenarios to assess potential
impacts of climate change and policy implementation in relation to the proposed
programs of measures by Member States on the marine and coastal ecosystems,
with respect to eutrophication, litter, contaminants and climate change in the North
Western Shelf Sea, thereby contributing to optimizing the cost benefit relation of
proposed measures. S/he shall actively contribute to the publication of the achieved
results to the general public and to policy in strong collaboration with DG ENV.
In case of interest, please contact Adolf Stips (adolf.stips@ec.europa.eu).

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