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SpaceUp Webinars for entrepreneurs 19 & 20 May



Living with a business angel: what a relationship between investors and entrepreneurs looks like
What is working with business angels? In this webinar you will hear about what the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs looks like and how to manage it. Moreover you will learn what investors expect from entrepreneurs during this relationship and what an investor provides (coaching, mentorship,…) at the same time.
Speakers: Fabrice Testa, Co-chairman Luxembourg Space Tech Angels and EBAN Space Chairman, and Lorenzo Scatena, Secretary General of E. Amaldi Foundation

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEtfu6rqzIuGdSJ6ISCU5YvVoL1Np2GxvkD
May 19th at 12:00 CEST

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