Invitation to participate in a global citizen science action to address source of plastic pollution

Dear OceanPlastic allies,

I’m Sybil with #breakfreefromplastic, a global movement working to build a future free from plastic pollution. Together with thousands of members from around the world, we tackle plastic pollution across the whole plastics value chain.

Given this group’s focus on circulating information about ocean plastic/marine debris-related news, I am reaching out on behalf of the #breakfreefromplastic movement to invite you to participate in our global brand audit campaign.

Brand audits are a community-based citizen science initiative that involves recording data on plastic waste to help identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution. This data helps us to hold them accountable so they stop producing so much plastic in the first place.

Shifting away from plastic is not only critical for the environment, it’s also important for the climate, human health, wildlife, jobs, food systems, and more. Corporate accountability for plastic pollution impacts many intersecting issues, including the great work you are doing on ocean conservation and management. That’s why it would be valuable to have your support in working together to pressure companies to stop making so much plastic in the first place, as this would positively impact marine environments and ocean health overall.

Since 2018, thousands of BFFP members and allies all over the world have organized hundreds of brand audits, providing data that contributes to our annual global “BRANDED” reports. Through these reports our movement has been pressuring the top polluting corporations to reveal their total plastic footprint, reduce production at the source, and redesign their packaging for refill and reuse. We’ve seen some exciting impacts – such as top plastic polluter The Coca-Cola Company announcing a new voluntary goal of at least 25% reusable packaging by 2030 – but companies still have a long way to go.

Here is the good news: with your help, this year could change everything. 2022 isn’t just our 5th year of global brand audits; it also marks the beginning of the negotiations for the world’s first Global Plastic Treaty, a legally binding international law aimed at reducing plastic pollution worldwide, covering the full life-cycle of plastic. This is a historic step forward in the fight against plastic pollution, but there is still a long road ahead as the negotiations continue throughout the end of 2024.

That’s why we need friends in allied movements more than ever! This year presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gather data that can help support the Global Plastics Treaty. It is critical that the companies which hold a disproportionate responsibility in creating and perpetuating the plastic pollution crisis be held accountable for the plastic pollution generated from their products.

I hope some of you consider joining us! Brand audits are also a great educational activity that helps to elevate people’s understanding of the systemic drivers of the plastic pollution crisis, and they work really well as a community event, classroom activity, research endeavor, etc. Many possibilities, and we hope to have you with us.

Kind regards,


Sybil Bullock (she/her)
Associate Campaign Manager
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