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HATCHERY FEED & MANAGEMENT is the successor to Hatcheryfeed, Aquafeed.com’s platform for information about early lifestage and broodstock aquatic hatchery feed and nutrition. In response to industry demand for a truly international source of quality information for commercial hatchery operators, beyond feeds, Hatcheryfeed bacame HATCHERY FEED & MANAGEMENT in 2020.

HATCHERY FEED & MANAGEMENT provides hatchery operators with a worldwide and multispecies information resource that addresses the issues that are important for running a successful hatchery. While the vital topics of feed and nutrition are still core, genetics, systems, management, disease control and other areas important for running a successful hatchery are also covered.

Meet Our Editors

Suzi Dominy

Founder and publisher, Suzi Dominy is the executive editor. She brings unique insight and depth of experience, gained over three decades in professional aquaculture and feed industry journalism and publishing.

Lucía Barreiro

Editor, Lucía Barreiro has a strong background in aquaculture with a B.S. in Marine Biology, M.S. in Aquaculture and practical experience in aquaculture production, hatchery management, research and project management. She is an independent expert to the European Commission, where she evaluates proposals and monitors projects under FP7 and Horizon2020. LucÍa is also a member of the GSSI Benchmark Committee.

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