Are you an eco-minded fishing guide? 

Aug. 27, 2020
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Are you an eco-minded fishing guide?

Florida has a new program for eco-minded for-hire fishing guides.

The Florida Friendly Fishing Guide certification recognizes saltwater and freshwater fishing guides who are committed to preserving the future of Florida’s fisheries through sustainable boating and fishing techniques.

Established by UF/IFAS, Florida Sea Grant and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the program helps guides provide a richer fishing experience for their clients through their angling expertise and environmental stewardship.

This online certification course covers science-based techniques that ensure a minimal environmental footprint and includes subjects such as best practices for catch-and-release fishing, seafood safety and handling, an introduction to fisheries management, and more.

Participating guides can put the Florida Friendly Fishing Guide logo on their websites and vessels, letting customers know that they adhere to the highest environmental standards. They also receive a welcome gear pack valued at more than $150, listing on the Florida Sea Grant website and social media promotion.

Learn more about how to sign up and take this online course at

For questions, including information on scholarships to partially cover the course cost, email Savanna Barry at

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