curso “Geometric Morphometrics for Beginners”.

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Ya está abierta la inscripción para el curso “Geometric Morphometrics for Beginners”. Este curso se realizará en online directo. Máximo 18 participantes.

Fechas: Del 8 al 12 de agosto de 2022 de 15:00 a 17:00 y de 17:30 a 20:00 (horario de Madrid).

Instructor: Dr. Jesús Marugán-Lobón (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España).

Idioma del curso: inglés

RESUMEN DEL CURSO (en inglés porque es el idioma en que se impartirá)

The world around us is a space-time mosaic where forms evolve, constantly change and interact with each other. Geometric morphometry is a digital morphological analysis toolthat allows addressing biological key questions, such as shape transformation (variation) and the result of its interaction (covariation) with the physical environment, with an unprecedented analytical resolution.

In this course, these concepts will be explained in a simple and practical way. To do this, basic aspects such as the biological and geometric concept of landmark and semilandmark configurations will be reviewed, the available comparative methodologies will be compared, and basic multivariate statistical methods will be put into practice that allow addressing biological problems at any scale of complexity, making special emphasis on visualization and interpretation of form variation.

This course is introductory, and is aimed at advanced degree students and graduates of all areas related to the biological sciences.

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