Data: Navigating between Notes and Nodes By: OCLC Research Archives and Special Collections Linked Data Review Group

To extend OCLC’s work on both linked data and special collection and to respond to identified community needs, OCLC recruited 16 professionals from the Research Library Partnership to form an “Archives and Special Collections Linked Data Review Group.” This group, supported by OCLC staff, explored key areas of concern in transitioning to a linked data environment. Members of the group presented on a variety of projects to help showcase promising areas for linked data for special collections, as well as to explore areas of friction. This OCLC Research publication is a summary of findings from those discussions.

Among the issues discussed in this publication:

  • Descriptive data models for special collections in linked data environments

  • Challenges around multilinguality

  • Ethical issues, community engagement

  • Expressing relationships and change over time

  • The long tail of authorities and identifiers in special collections

  • Sustainability

Publicado en noticias / news.

Cuba, La Habana. Investigador Titular del Centro de Investigaciones Pesqueras, doctor en Ciencias en el Uso, Manejo y Preservación de los Recursos, y maestro en Ciencias del Agua.

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