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The table of contents for the May 2020 issue of MPA News is below. If you would like to scroll through the full issue, click here.

Yes…MPA News is back! We’ve been on hiatus for a while to allow me to manage some other projects. Our team is excited to resume publication of this newsletter that’s now in its 21st year!

Some quick housekeeping notes:

  • There will be no more PDFs produced of our issues. My apologies to those of you who preferred them to reading the web version.

  • If you are interested in more frequent and direct knowledge-sharing on MPAs, consider joining our MPA Discussion List. It has been active this past month with discussion of MPAs and COVID-19.

  • MPA News now has over 9000 subscribers!

Best wishes for your work, and please stay in touch,

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Table of Contents

MPAs, COVID-19, and the coming financial crisis: What impacts are practitioners already seeing, and how are they responding? With first-hand reports from ten MPA practitioners worldwide:

  • We must be laser-focused on actions to keep our institutions and work afloat, by Nirmal Jivan Shah

  • Adapting on the fly to staffing and program challenges, by Emma Doyle

  • MPA monitoring organization loses its volunteers and financial base, by Alan Kavanagh

  • Long-term financial management of Dutch Caribbean MPAs will need to change, by Kalli De Meyer

  • This is an opportunity for governments to help fishermen support MPAs, by Javier Corcuera Quiroga

  • Success of MPAs depends on support from stakeholders, whose priorities may be changing, by Özkan Anil

  • MPA that relies on yacht tourism revenue is optimistic for a rebound, by Joseph Ierna, Jr.

  • Conducting fish surveys during this quiet time to understand the impact of people on MPAs, by Ruthy Yahel and Simon Nemtzov

  • Partnering with law enforcement for increased patrols, by Claire Arre

  • This challenge is likely to be harder than any before, by Sibylle Riedmiller

More resources on MPAs and COVID-19. MPA cases, essays, journal article, and more.

MPA Science Corner: Gaps in protection of important ocean areas – Southern Ocean MPAs – Invasion risk to MPAs – Marine predators – Mediterranean MPAs – Protecting a resilient reef – Priority ABNJ areas – Impact of a small no-take zone – Climate adaptation and MPAs

Notes & News: Niue – Seychelles – Great Barrier Reef – Mediterranean – High seas MPAs – The Skimmer – MPA readings – 2019 highlights – MPA News vault

MPA News

Editor-in-Chief: John B. Davis

Editorial Board:

  • Chair – David Fluharty, Ph.D., University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

  • Patrick Christie, Ph.D., University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

  • Michael Murray, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary


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