VIRTUAL EVENT – The Future of Geoscience summit

The number of students choosing to study geological or Earth sciences at A-level and university is at a record low, and perhaps indicative of a problem in the perception of geoscience in our wider society.

The climate is changing, both in the UK and globally, and with it comes a collective call for change to more sustainable energy, food sources, travel and trade, as well as for changes in our manufacturing industries and natural resource consumption.

Geoscience is integral to combatting climate change and in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Our challenge is now to change the narrative in the public eye, the media and schools to ensure that there are future generations of geoscientists who will play valuable roles within our society.

This free-to-attend virtual summit will delve into the detail of the public perception of geoscience, as well as in the media, education and business. It will bring together a mix of professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers and lecturers, public speakers and civil servants in a series of panel sessions that will take your questions and debate the statements and opinions you raise over the coming weeks.

The outputs from this summit will be taken into a more focused Geology Student Enrolment Summit on 24 June, and from there a working group/committee with representation from across our society will be formed.

This is an opportunity to engage with this challenge – geoscience is quite literally our past, present and future.


Registration is free and is open now via Eventbrite.

Call for contributions

This event will be as interactive and inclusive as can be practically allowed. Although it will not be possible to stream live questions from the attendees during the summit, we are asking for all attendees to send in questions, opinions and discussion points relevant to each session prior to the event. A selection of the contributions will be put to the panelists and will form the basis for discussion and debate.

Initially we are seeking contributions which are more general in scope, but as the event approaches and further details around each of the three sessions are released, do feel free to contribute more specific questions and opinions. All contributions will be valuable – even if they are not put to the panel during this event, they will be collated and utilised at the Geology Student Enrolment Summit and in the subsequent action plan.

Please email any contributions to


8.45am: Zoom room opens

9.00am to 9.10am: Introduction and overview of virtual summit

9.10am to 10.10am: First session – the perception of geoscience in society

9.10am to 9.20am: Introduction to session

9.20am to 9.40am: Keynote speaker (TBC)

9.40am to 10.10am: Panel Q&A/debate

10.10am to 11.10am: Second session – the perception of geoscience in business

10.10am to 10.20am: Introduction to session

10.20am to 10.40am: Keynote speaker (TBC)

10.40am to 11.10am: Panel Q&A/debate

11.10am to 12.10pm: Third session – the decline of geo/Earth science students

11.10am to 11.20am: Introduction to session

11.20am to 11.40am: Keynote speaker (TBC)

11.40am to 12.10pm: Panel Q&A/debate

12.10pm to 12.15pm: Closing remarks

12.30pm: Zoom room closes

Following the event, the recording will be circulated to all attendees.

Speakers and panelists

Further information will be released in the next few weeks regarding speakers and panelists.


This event will be virtual, with meeting details available to attendees shortly before the event.

Please contact with any enquiries.

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