Wildlife trade: Should be a thing of the past, but it’s shredding our future

Wildlife trade: Should be a thing of the past, but it’s shredding our future.

An opportunity to stop the traffickers for good

Let’s not dance around the matter.

This crisis we are facing is obscene. Millions of people are suffering, worried, scared. Thousands of people are dead.

But let’s talk about what’s likely to have caused this. The cause wasn’t – as it’s been suggested – the planet getting its own back. It wasn’t a random act of nature, an innocent mistake or a hideous bit of bad luck that couldn’t be foreseen.

Most likely, the cause has a name. It has an address.

A wildlife trader.

By many estimates, the virus is thought to have come from a wildlife market. These horror shows, stocked full of both animal corpses and living creatures have been a pathological disaster waiting to happen for decades.

But the criminal wildlife traders – rolling in profits – didn’t care.

To add injustice to the insult and injury, they are going to keep trafficking – keep tearing pangolins from the forests, keep snaring tigers, keep slaughtering rhinos, keep gunning down elephants and keep bringing in the money from medicines that don’t work.

We must stop them. Permanently.

And there’s never been a better time to act. Asian governments are making moves to shut illegal wildlife markets down – making the criminal traffickers vulnerable. Through your donations, we’re going to support investigations that put wildlife criminals behind bars, enabling governments to dismantle trafficking networks for good.

That way we can finish this. We do all our work through local teams, so we’re still able to continue within the current restrictions. Ending this is long overdue, but – with your support – we may finally be able to help stop this for good.


Please help save pangolins, tigers, elephants, rhinos and countless other species by bringing down the traffickers. If everyone reading this donates just £3, you could help support the undercover operations needed to bring the criminal syndicates down.

DONATE £3 [https://www.fauna-flora.org/appeals/newsletter-39]

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