Georgia’s Marine Habitat License Plate

How much does the “Support Fish Habitat” tag cost?

The license plate will cost $25 in addition to the regular tag fees.

How much of the extra money goes to fish habitat restoration?

In your first year of having the plate, $19 will go into the marine habitat enhancement fund, $1 will go to the issuing tag office and $5 to the state treasury.

The second year and every year after, $20 will go into the marine habitat enhancement fund and $5 to the state treasury.

How is the money spent?

Funds from sale of this license plate are used in combination with Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration and donations from businesses, private individuals and conservation groups such as the Coastal Conservation Association to enhance habitats used by a variety of marine species.

Potential projects include:

• Oyster reef creation

• Construction of man-made fishing reefs along the shorelines of Georgia’s tidal rivers and creeks

• Construction of man-made reefs in the Atlantic Ocean

Learn more about these habitat enhancement projects

Click the links below to learn more:

Artificial Reefs

Fish Habitat

About the Artist

Omar Murcia is a Cobb County, Ga., graphic designer with more than 24 years of professional design experience working with clients like CNN, TBS and Coca-Cola. Murcia’s design was chosen via an online poll in July 2016 and garnered more than 52 percent of the votes. This is actually his second winning license plate designed for DNR. In 2013, online voters chose Murcia’s design of a soaring bald eagle for the plate that supports work of the DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section.

Check out the other DNR Wildlife License Plates

Buy a Wildlife Tag – It’s Easy!

Find your county tag office by clicking here.When you visit your local tag office:

1. Ask for the “Support Fish Habitat” plate.

2. Pay the fee. Wildlife plates cost only $25 more than a standard peach plate. The total cost is $25 for the plate, plus the standard $20 registration fee you will pay for any tag and any applicable ad-valorem taxes.

3. Receive a temporary tag from the county (specialty plates are usually not stocked).

4. Watch the mail for your wildlife tag. It can arrive as soon as within a week!

When buying a car:

Many Georgia car dealers offer the option to purchase a tag when you buy a vehicle. Simply ask them to upgrade you to a wildlife tag when you’re asked what kind of tag you want.

Renewing Your Wildlife Tag

You can renew at your county tag office or, in most counties, online.

Renewing a wildlife tag costs only $25 a year, plus the standard $20 registration fee and applicable ad-valorem taxes. In almost all counties, renewals are timed to coincide with your birthday.

What if I have additional questions?

You can reach someone from the Coastal Resources Division of DNR by calling 912-262-3140. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. excluding state holidays. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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